"Did I mention that I vape?"-Fruit
Part of the original six Fruit is known to be prone to bursts of pure elemental rage, known as the one true heterosexual male he is a loyal Colombian Citizen and like any real patriot he absolutely reeks of Coffee and cocaine flavored Vape, it is confirmed that he is in fact fucking terrible at Runescape and so his family disowned him thus meaning he had to flee his dark vape flavored past in order to build a new life in America and watch Naruto.

Founder of Da Wash and leader of a once proud people Fruit has fallen low, associating only with the pitiful scum such as Zak the Gay (truly the lowliest of the low) with the intention of one day returning to Columbia and retaking his throne as High Accouterments Chief Executive Drug Lord of all Colombia, currently the princeling lurks in the dark listening to Christmas music way too fucking early and waiting for weakness to appear in the high court of Columbia and entertaining the machinations of his strange multifaceted mind with little to hold his attention, he plots.

He has taken to recording videos of himself performing mundane tasks such as eating cake and posting these to youtube as a forewarning to his enemies that soon they will be nothing more than slaves with bleak lives who serve his every whim.

He is not the best at video games, but neither is he the worst, like the Colombian banana that he represents he sits solidly in the middle of the video games pool and is content with such placement. The various vape flavors he most enjoys are as follows:

Cuban Cigar.


The blood of his fallen ancestors.

Innocent bystanders.

Uncut cock.