"if you want to fuck her just get her drunk"-Kelsi
Part of the original six Kelsi is the groups confirmed best grill which isn't hard when the other grill is dead. Once a climber Kelsi is now smol and weak, there is still some debate to if she lost a fight to Krono once as she is in such a

Drunken Whore

state of physical weakness.

She is the groups resident Bard and is known to have gone to a fake music college that taught her fake music shit, she herself admits that the course and college weren't actually real, at present she is going to a fake university to study a fake course on music. she is the middle upper ground in terms of being good at video games however she plays League and as that isn't even good it lowers her standing immensely although games like the Forest save her reputation.

In order to prove herself to her shitty French hon hon Baguette friends she once stole a duck cat scooter and drove it around a bit to show just how cool she was, ever since she has been in a constant state of trying to prove how cool and not a nerd she is while fighting her inner nerd nature, constantly at war with the nerd within. However she is an avid Cat lover and as such can't be all that bad as Cats are known to be a universal constant that represents good.