"I'm always right, but what's your perception?"- Otter


Part of the original six Otter is Known to be the most intellectual and the best at video games. Even though he was the last of the 6 to join he is always the first to that sweet puss. He is also a high ranking member in the Church of Skell and has many long talks with Mr Skeltal.

He has okay hair and flowers grow out of it. Claims that he can fite but pusses out whenever challenged. Is the youngest of the 6 so is given the rank of 'Babby'. He also is saltier than a McDonald's salad, and damn nigga that shit is salty as fuck.


He kinda doesn't do anything, just sits around watching 4 animes at once and being the best at videogames.

Watched Scott Pilgrim and wanted to learn bass for like 2 weeks.

Memes all the time and makes squid noises.