"Black lives are garbage" -Zack
Part of the original six Zack is by far the saltiest and most homosexual of the six, he is also by far the least liked of the group, although he can be okay on occasion I guess, it depends, sometimes the planets align and he's struck with some cosmic space radiation that stops him being quite such a salty penis for all of about half an hour then it's business as usual, please keep in mind that these events are roughly as rare as full solar eclipses.

Can't fucking mod at all, if you listen closely then you can hear his furious screams at Nexus Mod Manager from any given point on the planet. Exceptionally egotistical, arrogant and bitter, never cross him in any video game ever if you want him to be even vaguely civilized for the next 72 hours, if you point out his failure he will probably just find a way to kick you from the game, any game.

Undoubtedly the worst at video games Zack sits right at rock fucking bottom of the video games pool with only Megs ass on the horizon for him to see and dream of ever being good at video games, there is almost certainly a direct correlation between how shit his hair is and how bad he is at video games.

He is actually good at video games he just doesn't beat Coosturd in steam achievements because Max both has and is a chode and he feels bad for him.

Things Zack Hates:

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When you misspell his fucking name on purpose you assholes


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